At last: Mr. Kellyanne Conway speaks on Impeachment Day

He tweet-rants at Trump 24/7 but has remained notably absent from cable news over the past year, even as his audience online has grown. No doubt he’s had offers given his new prominence as an outspoken right-wing Never Trumper and his … complicated domestic situation. But he turned them all down.

Makes me wonder if he and the missus had an arrangement in which him speaking his mind online would be tolerated but TV was a no-go zone. Either an exception has been made today or the arrangement is no longer binding.

After reading this yesterday, I’m leaning towards the second theory.

Seems like he’s not just talking about Nikki Haley there, doesn’t it? It wouldn’t be the first time lately either that he’s tweeted something that might easily be mistaken as a critique of someone close to home:

Hmmm. As you’ll see, he wasn’t asked about Kellyanne in this morning’s MSNBC appearance. Either that was a ground rule set as a condition for his cameo — stick to impeachment questions, please — or they’re planning to bring it up later, as apparently he’ll be back to comment on the hearings throughout the day.

I feel like we can safely conclude at this point, though, that we can safely discard the theory that George and Kellyanne are secretly coordinating to play both sides of the Trump divide in Washington. That hypothesis, which dates back to when George first began criticizing Trump, imagines that he’s attacking the president with Kellyanne’s full support in order to keep the family in good standing among the anti-Trump GOP elite while she’s off shilling for the president daily. No one really believes that anymore, do they? If that were the goal, we passed the point of overkill in George’s “performance” ages ago. The fact that he’s now escalating further by going on TV makes the overkill that much worse.

But once you accept that George is on the level, it makes his critique here about Trump always putting himself first a … touch ironic. He’s right, of course, but there are various ways one might put oneself first in a relationship, such as by, ummmmm, dogging your wife’s boss on national television. Ah well: No doubt George would say that he’s putting the country first and that it’s certain other people who shall remain nameless who are putting their own personal interests, like ambition, above what’s good for others. We’ll see if the MSNBC anchors get to drill down a bit on that with him later.