Kamala Harris: My pronouns are "she, her, hers." Chris Cuomo: Mine too.

Not the most important item we’ll post today.

But probably the most enjoyable.

A highlight from last night’s CNN townhall series with the Democratic candidates on LGBT issues. The best part is Harris’s puzzled “All right.”

Cuomo’s apologizing today for what he claims was a poor joke, although the first time I watched it I thought maybe he had gotten distracted and said something agreeable in the moment. Think of someone who’s on a call with a business associate that’s winding down and, by force of habit from conversation with his wife, signs off absentmindedly with, “Bye, love you.” Maybe producers were chattering to him in his earpiece, he missed part of what Harris said, and chimed in unthinkingly with “Mine too” to try to fill the momentary silence.

I mean, he could have gone with that explanation. Instead his preferred explanation is that no, he’s just a tin-eared dope.

We don’t call him “Fredo” for nothing.

You know what the difference is between Chris Cuomo and Andrew Cuomo? Chris at least had the good sense to retreat. Andrew is so eager to identify himself with “vulnerable” groups that he’d own the mistake and start running around today insisting that, no, really, he’s using feminine pronouns now.

And then we’d tell that story to our grandchildren as how New York State came to have its first woman governor.

Here’s a bonus clip for you of Grandpa Joe doing his best to engage with the subject matter and not succeeding. Question for anyone who watched last night: Did Cuomo or one of the other hosts ever ask the candidates how many genders they believe there are? Someone has to pose that at a debate before the primaries are over.