Canadian schoolgirls have a question for Justin Trudeau

Canadian schoolgirls have a question for Justin Trudeau

To cleanse the palate, the funniest thing about this is that it must have been the last place where Trudeau expected an uncomfortable moment. It’s a Facebook show called “New Mom, Who Dis?” hosted by a social-media star. Among the hard-hitting questions he got before this one were, “Do you have a dad bod?”

At one point a baby was placed in his arms whereupon the host exclaimed, “I’m sorry, my eggs just dropped.” It’s that sort of “politics” show.

And then things took a turn…

Yes, honey. Even the nose and hands. Everything.

He handled the question well under the circumstances, I have to say. Did he know it was coming? He might have calculated that it would earn him some goodwill with the public to be publicly contrite about his, ah, problem to two adorable little girls.

Either way, it’s not like this was the most embarrassing blackface-related incident involving a liberal Canadian politician this week:

Nearly two weeks ago, Judy Sgro, who is vying for re-election in the riding of Humber River-Black Creek, gave a one-on-one interview with a news organization called GBKM FM. During the interview, she was asked about Trudeau wearing blackface makeup.

“Those in the black community have told me how much more love they have for the prime minister, that he wanted to have a black face. That he took great pride in that, too,” Sgro said. “And that it’s the media that have blown this into something that it shouldn’t be and that they’re very supportive.”

She’s now apologized. I really thought Trudeau might be the first western politician to take a shot at arguing that his youthful experiments with blackface were actually a sign of wokeness, that he was eager to try on brown skin because he identifies so much with those who have it naturally. But no, even a man with impeccable liberal credentials doesn’t dare try to convince the media on that one. A precious few sins are so grave that even having the right politics is no defense. Amazing that this guy is guilty of one of them.

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