Botched vandalism of British Treasury leaves climate-change protesters red-faced -- literally

A beetroot-infused palate cleanser that comes with an important lesson:

If you absolutely must have a fire truck for your protest stunt, don’t try to save a buck by buying it it off eBay, for cripes sake. These people are lucky the tank didn’t explode, or that the dancing hose didn’t whip around at a bystander. Someone could have been hurt.

Or, worse, they would have all been stained crimson from head to toe and I would have had to make a pitiful joke about how “the Greens really are Reds after all.”

I suppose the protesters’ metaphor still works, though, no? The Treasury was supposed to be “blood-stained” because of the government’s climate policies; instead, “blood is running in the streets” because of them. Something something blood, something something climate change. Close enough.