Meghan McCain walks off the "View" set after clash with Ana Navarro

Meghan McCain walks off the "View" set after clash with Ana Navarro

Some Friday afternoon drama to cleanse the palate from the single most reliable source of petty drama on American television. Not “Real Housewives.” Not “The Bachelor.” “The View.”

In Meg’s defense, storming off the set of this show in rage is a fine conservative tradition.

She and Navarro have history, with McCain once asking her last year why she continues to call herself a Republican when every word out of her mouth, including “and” and “the,” is a criticism of the party. (Navarro was recently spotted in the front row at a Joe Biden campaign event, “stroking her dog Chacha.”) The discussion this morning was about that mysterious whistleblower complaint against Trump. Navarro was hammering her anti-Trump points but McCain had an overarching point to make: If you think it’s wrong for someone in the natsec bureaucracy to leak the president’s communications with foreign leaders, you should also agree with McCain that Julian Assange is a “cyberterrorist,” not some sort of free-speech hero. (Assange was on her mind because she clashed recently with Assange crony Pamela Anderson on the show and took some heat for it.)

Okay, said Joy Behar, but who on the left is defending Assange in 2019? Which is a fair point. There are hardcore “liberaltarian” lefties like Glenn Greenwald who still do it, but rank-and-file Democrats hate Assange for having sabotaged Hillary’s campaign via the DNC and Podesta leaks in 2016. It was the likes of Sean Hannity who took to defending Assange after that, with Hannity once inviting him to guest-host his daily radio show. McCain’s point could be turned around on righties, in other words — if you think what Assange did to Clinton was fair because it’s important to know how influential political actors like Podesta might be abusing their influence, certainly we should know if the president of the United States is using taxpayer money to squeeze foreign governments to help his reelection effort.

But I digress. There was some back and forth in the conversation, McCain tried to interject, and, well…

The best part is some of the crowd reactions after Meg takes off. One dude is clearly like, “Whoa.”

Here’s the full exchange (which cuts off right before the walk-off, which is why I needed to post two separate clips). McCain did return to the set for the next segment.

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