The "burning AOC" anti-socialism ad

The "burning AOC" anti-socialism ad

I groaned last night as I watched this since the entire dynamic was apparent in an instant.

1. Some righty wanted attention and knew that an inflammatory attack on AOC is a cheap way to achieve that.
2. AOC herself would notice and claim victimhood because that’s half of her political shtick, the other half being theatrical defiance of the left’s enemies.
3. Allegations of racism/incitement/what have you would immediately begin flying because “tacky” just isn’t a damning enough critique in 2019.

How’d I do?

The spot aired during a debate in which Democrats accused Trump of having “directed” a mass murder last month in El Paso, notes Ben Shapiro, in case you’re wondering how seriously to take the hand-wringing about incitement. (“Obviously he didn’t pull the trigger, but he’s certainly been tweeting out the ammunition,” said Kamala Harris.) The person behind the spot isn’t a white supremacist, she’s a Cambodian-American named Elizabeth Heng who ran for Congress last year, lost, and has now started a PAC called New Faces GOP aimed at promoting young nonwhite Republicans. That may also explain the focus on Ocasio-Cortez — it’s not just an easy way to grab eyeballs, it’s a challenge to the most famous young (and nonwhite) leftist in the country.

Lefties are now trying to organize a boycott of ABC for airing the ad, which will flex AOC’s muscles but also help Heng by martyring her on the right and calling even more attention to the ad. That was also predictable; I’m embarrassed I didn’t foresee it as step four in the inevitable fallout last night. What a perfect little episode of modern American politics, all wrapped up in just 18 hours or so.

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