Newest Democratic fundraiser: Andrew McCabe

Via the Free Beacon. Given all the ResistanceBucks™ the left showered on him after he was fired, it’s only proper that he return the favor.

Did I miss a news story somewhere or isn’t this guy still under threat of indictment? The interest in him lately from across the aisle would have you believe that he’s a political rising star, not a man staring at the possibility of prison. He just landed a CNN contributor’s gig, he has a book out, now he’s giving speeches for the opposition party in 2020 swing states. When did Andrew McCabe become Stacey Abrams? Are Democrats lining him up for a House run or something?

In the age of FaceTime and Skype, he could conduct a front-porch campaign from behind the glass at the federal pen, I suppose.

McCabe is now also participating in Democratic fundraising events. According to the Pennsylvania Democratic Party’s website, McCabe is scheduled to be the keynote speaker at a fundraising banquet for the Lancaster County Democratic Committee.

Tickets for the event, which can be purchased through ActBlue, range from $80 to $160. The more expensive “Speaker’s Circle” tickets come with access to a private reception with McCabe and photograph with him. He is scheduled to speak for 45 minutes and take questions for 15 minutes, according to the site…

McCabe told event organizers that he plans to discuss his “one-on-one interactions with Donald Trump” during the event. He also will cover the “fallout and aftermath” of former FBI director James Comey’s firing, “Russian meddling in the 2016 election,” and special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation.

The idea of hating Trump so much that you’d pop for 160 bucks for a personal photo with Andrew McCabe fills me with a degree of dread normally only experienced when contemplating death. It’s one notch up from paying for an audience with the Krassenstein brothers.

For cripes sake, you can buy a house in parts of the midwest for $160. In Detroit, certainly.

My first thought upon hearing that McCabe was now in demand on the Democratic political circuit was naturally, “What about Comey?” If McCabe’s appeal to the left derives from Trump’s antipathy to him, surely a man whom Trump loathes even more like Big Jim would be that much more appealing. Plus, Comey was nearly charged by the DOJ for his anti-Trump activities in leaking memos. What better proof of commitment to the Resistance could there be than that? He’s even been donating money to the party! But then I remembered: Oh, right, his last-minute letter about reopening the Emailgate probe may have tanked Hillary’s chances of winning the election, thus enabling the very presidency that Democrats so despise. Comey will never overcome that to regain respectability among them, no matter how many nasty tweets Trump posts about him. He’ll have to watch the Democratic romance with disgraced Trump-hating former FBI officials play out from the outside, with his face pressed against the window.