The "Florida man geoengineers the hurricane" clip

The enjoyment this brought to both sides on social media this morning is likely to be the only good thing to come from Dorian. Although amid the laughs is the sheepish realization that we’ve all wondered at times why science can’t find a way to temporarily lower the temperature of the water, a.k.a. huge swaths of the Atlantic Ocean, when a storm is inbound, to deprive it of fuel.

“Surely DARPA can figure out how to quickly and efficiently cool hundreds or even thousands of miles of ocean water on a few weeks’ notice,” I caught myself thinking yesterday before cringing.

Let he who is without dopey geoengineering fantasies cast the first stone at this guy and his Navy ice flotilla idea.

“I love my State,” tweeted Jeb Bush in reply. Three questions.

1. Jeb’s state pride is understandable but is this really a “Florida man” clip? That accent sounds Rhode-Island-ish to me.

2. Didn’t the feds actually try to do something like this once? Right, granted, it was more complicated than dropping ice and sending planes into the storm to try to counteract the hurricane’s rotation, but every sophisticated failed plan — and potentially successful one — starts with a simpler thought.

3. This isn’t the nuttiest hurricane geoengineering idea America has heard this week, is it? At least this guy’s plan would avoid showering southern Florida with radioactive fallout.