Former Canadian prime minister: I'm rooting for a direct hurricane hit on Mar-a-Lago

Former Canadian prime minister: I'm rooting for a direct hurricane hit on Mar-a-Lago

Is this news? She was prime minister for five minutes in 1993 before her party got wiped out in that fall’s elections. On a busy news day I’d say nope, not news.

On a garbage news day like today: News.

Plus, the more attention this gets, the more likely it is that Trump will sh*tpost something about how Canada sucks or Justin Trudeau is a cuck, which will be fun.

Although, whatever he ends up saying, it won’t be as nasty as this:

She tried to clean it up later by explaining that she meant a threat to Mar-a-Lago would force him to take the threat seriously, the idea being that Trump only cares when he has skin in the game:

Consider this a sneak preview of the reaction among lefty Twitter if Mar-a-Lago does end up in Dorian’s crosshairs. Not only would the celebrating be extraordinarily rancid even by the normal standards of Twitter sewage, it would come packaged with exactly this sort of fake principled rationalization for the schadenfreude. “I’m not happy to see Trump’s property in ruins because I’m just that malicious,” the defenses would go. “I’m happy to see it in ruins because (a) it’ll concentrate his mind on the risk from climate change, (b) it’s karmic retribution for [insert whatever Trump policy you oppose], (c) Mother Nature laying waste to an exclusive playground for the rich is a small but symbolic blow against income inequality,” etc etc. Choose an excuse. It doesn’t matter which one since everyone will understand that it’s just a fig leaf.

It’s too early to tell where Dorian will make landfall in Florida as of Thursday afternoon, as it’s not expected to reach the coast until Labor Day. Right now, per the Palm Beach Post, it’s on track to come ashore in Indian River County, which is about 50 miles north of Palm Beach. But any small shift in trajectory where the storm is currently would mean a massive difference in where it arrives in Florida. Certainly it’s possible that Palm Beach would bear the brunt. And if it did, Mar-a-Lago would be at risk: It lies on the tiny peninsula off the coast of West Palm Beach and Dorian is expected to be a Category Four storm by the time it arrives. It’ll be a bad scene for whoever’s in the way.

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John Sexton 10:40 PM on May 30, 2023