Sunday morning talking heads

Have pity for Larry Kudlow and Steve Mnuchin, tasked this morning with representing the White House on the Sunday shows after a week of Trump sparking an international incident with Denmark over Greenland, tweeting out a fan’s praise for him as the “King of Israel,” and escalating the trade war with China while comparing his own handpicked Fed chairman unfavorably to Xi Jinping. Mnuchin will be on “Fox News Sunday” and Kudlow will sit down with “Face the Nation” and “State of the Union” to try to calm investors before the markets inevitably tank tomorrow morning over Trump’s latest tariff hike on Chinese imports. Expect each to be asked why the president thinks he can “hereby order” American businesses to start looking for alternatives to the Chinese market for their goods.

Elsewhere, former tea partier and Birther turned ardent Trump critic Joe Walsh will chat with “This Week” about the prospects of a primary challenge to POTUS. Walsh hasn’t declared his candidacy yet although he seems leaning heavily towards jumping in. Might this morning’s appearance bring the official announcement? He’ll be quizzed on the many, many “colorful” things he said (e.g., accusing Obama of being a Muslim) in his pre-Trump incarnation.

If none of that sounds good, Cindy McCain will sit down with “This Week” and “State of the Union” to commemorate the first anniversary of John’s death. She’ll be asked to react to the past week of Trump news as well and of course to Trump continuing to occasionally take shots at her husband in public appearances this year, long after he passed away. She might also be quizzed on Lindsey Graham’s ideological journey; it’d be interesting to get some reaction from the McCain family on that. How does a guy go from being John McCain’s right-hand man to Donald Trump’s right-hand man in the span of about 18 months? Stay tuned. The full line-up is at the AP.

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