Lawsuit: Epstein coerced girl into sex acts ... while on "work release" from the Palm Beach County jail

I remind you up front that the “work release” in this case was only made possible through the largesse of Alex Acosta’s U.S. Attorney’s office, which allowed this remorseless degenerate to negotiate a wrist-slap sentence in a county jail for something as grave as federal sex offenses.

I further remind you that the conditions of Epstein’s imprisonment were so comfortable that the deputies charged with supervising him wore plain clothes and were paid for by Epstein himself, making them more like a private security detail than cops.

Go figure that he would exploit the ludicrous degree of freedom he enjoyed as a prisoner to pursue his favorite hobby.

This new lawsuit filed today by “Kaitlyn Doe” isn’t the first time it’s been alleged that he continued preying on women while on prison “work release”, but it’s noteworthy for multiple reasons. One: Although Doe would have been of age when Epstein was in jail, she claims that she was groomed and coerced into sex with him, i.e. raped, for the first time when she was just 17, in 2006. Two: She says the sex acts she engaged in when she visited him during his “work release” were also coerced.

Three: Given the circumstances of the work release program, it seems highly likely that his police “security detail” had an idea of what was going on. What went through their minds when they saw a convicted sex offender demanding alone time with girls who looked to be around the age of 18? Did they tell him to get back to the work he was supposed to be doing? Did they at least investigate the girl’s ages to make sure they were adults?

Or did their benefactor give them any “bonuses” to look the other way?

Later in October 2008, when Epstein was serving his jail sentence in Palm Beach County, he coerced the young woman into flying to Florida, where he promised her a job at his organization, the Florida Science Foundation.

But the young woman did not do any foundation work. Instead, Epstein again coerced the woman into sex acts — sometimes alone, sometime with another young woman — all while he was supposed to be on work release, the suit said.

If true, it happened as he was being monitored by Palm Beach deputies in plainclothes. Epstein paid the deputies to work as his security detail, and they filed daily reports on the comings and goings at his office — records that have since been destroyed

Epstein continued having sex with Kaitlyn until 2014, the lawsuit alleges. He also coerced her into marrying one of his associates — so the associate could get residency papers in the United States, the lawsuit said. The associate was also a recruiter of young girls for Epstein.

It’s been reported previously that although Epstein was supposed to remain at his work station and be accompanied by a deputy at all times, on at least nine occasions police took him to his home. He was left unsupervised for as much as three hours at a time.

How much did the Palm Beach sheriff’s office know about Epstein’s activities? And why, exactly, shouldn’t the county be bankrupted in court if it can be proved that Doe was victimized by a prisoner in their custody whom they allowed to operate with extraordinary freedom despite the seriousness of the crimes of which he was accused?

Read the rest of the article for details about a second lawsuit filed today by another alleged victim, who claims she was held as a virtual prisoner on Pedophile Island and forced to have sex with various men. Supposedly Epstein told her that “he had the ability to cause serious harm to powerful people and anyone who did not cooperate with him.” Despite the endless reporting on him over the past three months, I haven’t seen a single report claiming that compromising information on someone powerful has been uncovered by the feds during their searches of his properties. (They did apparently find photos of nude girls, although it’s unclear if there were adults on the images as well.) Granted, one has to assume that that material would be extremely closely held. But there must be some somewhere: It would have been Epstein’s chief bargaining chip for leniency once he was arrested and charged, after all. It makes no sense that he would have destroyed it. Do the police have it? Or … is it now gone, destroyed by an accomplice? Where’s Ghislaine Maxwell these days, anyway?

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