Sunday morning talking heads

El Paso, Dayton, and guns are the topics du jour this Sunday morning, with 2020 Democratic hopefuls lining up for a chance to expound at a moment that’s opportune for their agenda. Six are on tap: Cory Booker will drop by “This Week,” Kamala Harris will sit down with “Meet the Press,” Bernie Sanders and Michael Bennet will appear on “Face the Nation,” Tim Ryan will chat with “Fox News Sunday,” and the newly invigorated Beto O’Rourke will lead on “State of the Union.” They’ll be competing to see whose policy proposal would grab the most guns from law-abiding Americans and who can lash Trump the hardest for his discordantly cheery photo ops during visits to meet shooting victims. O’Rourke was mentioned specifically by Trump during one appearance when POTUS boasted to hospital staff how his crowd at an El Paso event was bigger than Beto’s. He’ll respond this morning.

Elsewhere, watch out for Steve Scalise on “Face the Nation,” where he’ll address Joaquin Castro’s dubious viral list of San Antonio residents who gave Trump the maximum donation allowable under federal law. He’s already made his feelings clear…

…but seeing a man who knows in the most profound way what it’s like to be “targeted” by political enemies explain what’s wrong with Castro’s tweet will be compelling viewing.

If none of that works for you, Kellyanne Conway will be on “Fox News Sunday” to defend POTUS’s performance in El Paso and Dayton and hint at what he will and won’t accept by way of gun control. A question for all guests this morning, left and right: Should Congress subpoena administrators and staff at the federal prison in New York where Jeffrey Epstein was somehow allowed to kill himself? We need a formal public accounting of how that was allowed to happen. The full line-up is at the AP.