Sunday morning talking heads

This is the first and likely last time you’ll ever hear me say this: I’m glad we get to hear from Rashida Tlaib this morning. Why? Because otherwise the Sunday shows would be consumed with the dreary two-man “to impeach or not to impeach” act of Jerry Nadler and Adam Schiff. They’re both booked today for post-game analysis of Bob Mueller’s testimony before their respective committees a few days ago. Expect them to pooh-pooh the claims that Mueller seemed frail — who are you going to believe, Democrats or your lying eyes? — and that he didn’t meaningfully advance the case for ousting Trump. If there’s any reason to sit through another round of interviews with them, it’s simply because they seem to have diverged on the merits of impeachment. Nadler is clearly increasingly inclined that way while Schiff is skeptical. The former will be on “This Week” and “State of the Union” while the latter is set for “Meet the Press.”

As for Tlaib, she’ll be pressed on the Squad’s fight with Trump and her interesting comparison between boycotts of modern Israel and boycotts of Nazi Germany. Oh, and also her apparent belief that people are being killed by … vaping? She’s scheduled for “State of the Union.”

Lotta wild cards in the deck otherwise this morning. Anti-Trump Republican Will Hurd will also be on “This Week” to address whether he might join an impeachment push and his prospects of being primaried from the right in his home district. No-shot impeachment-crazed progressive presidential candidate Tom Steyer will sit down with “Meet the Press” to preview how many hundreds of millions of dollars he’s prepared to blow on his run. And the wildest card of all, New Age kook Marianne Williamson, will get a crack at “Face the Nation” to explain why she seems to look so dimly on basic medical advances.

If none of that grabs you, White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney will be on “Face the Nation” and “Fox News Sunday” to make the case that the new budget deal, a betrayal of everything he and the tea-party GOP claimed to stand for, is actually making America great again. The full line-up is at the AP.