Too bad to check: Anthony Weiner moving back in with Huma Abedin?

Not a fan of Huma’s, but it simply must be said: Girl, you can do better.

I mean, the Clintons must know all sorts of handsome, eligible Democratic men whom they can set her up with. Bill’s tight with Jeffrey Epstein, remember, and Epstein seems to know everyone worth knowing in high society.

Love conquers all, I guess. Even a sexting scandal involving a 15-year-old that resulted in prison time.

Anthony Weiner has moved back in with Huma Abedin, can exclusively reveal.

The 54-year-old was seen rolling boxes and designer garment bags into the Hillary Clinton aide’s home over the weekend. Weiner never lived in the lower Manhattan apartment where Huma moved with their seven-year-old son Jordan soon after the disgraced politician went to prison.

Weiner didn’t have any help as he used a trolley to cart in his belongings, wearing a white tank top, shorts and sneakers as he made several trips inside the building.

Reading that, I had a vague memory that the two were already divorced, making the new living arrangement that much more unlikely. Not so. I was remembering that Abedin had filed for divorce in 2017; what I’d forgotten is that she withdrew the petition ostensibly so that the divorce could be settled privately, the better to protect their young son from more unwanted publicity. But as far as I can tell, no one knows if they ever actually went ahead and finalized things. Last month, in fact, in a gossip item noting that Weiner had recently been spotted having lunch with a young woman, the New York Post insisted that Weiner and Abedin “have not formally divorced and their current relationship is unknown.”

It’s not like they’re being seen together around town, though. A different Post item from May reported that Abedin and her son had attended a VIP screening of the new Disney film “Aladdin” on the same day that Weiner was downtown, uh, registering as a Level 1 sex offender.

Maybe it’s this simple: The heart wants what it wants. And sometimes what it wants is a lanky progressive geek afflicted with a compulsion to have virtual sex with women without worrying too much about their age. Let he who hasn’t reconciled with a convicted sex offender cast the first stone. [Ducks as a gigantic volley of stones flies overhead.]

Plus, in Abedin’s defense, everything is relative. It’s easy to sneer at Weiner but it’s not like Huma’s husband is the most egregious sex criminal in ClintonWorld. Listen to Juanita Broaddrick sometime and Weiner will look downright cuddly by comparison. Exit question for those who’ve watched the excellent documentary about Weiner’s downfall: Does this news make Huma more or less sympathetic? You feel for her while watching that movie, guarding her dignity as best she can as the Weiner scandals begin to unspool. Maybe she’s a prisoner of love. A tragic figure!