Beto O'Rourke addresses immigrants and refugees -- by telling them America was founded on white supremacy

Beto O'Rourke addresses immigrants and refugees -- by telling them America was founded on white supremacy

One of the low-key funniest clips out there is this guy sh*t-talking America to people who gave up God knows how much to come here.

Refugee: I am excited to hear from this man who may be my president soon about the many wonders of my new country!


When a refugee at the table pulled out a tiny American flag and began waving it, Beto snatched it out of his hand and lit it on fire.

No, just kidding. I mean, he would have. It’s just that there were no tiny American flags on scene.

He should have followed up by reminding them that America is the land of opportunity — if you’re white and look vaguely like a Kennedy, in which case you can marry rich and launch a pointless presidential campaign.

To be scrupulously fair, it sounds from this story like this wasn’t a meeting with *recent* immigrants. He wasn’t there to give them a “welcome to America” pitch, only to turn it into a heat in the Woke Olympics. It was organized by immigration activists to let migrants complain about enforcement measures, with two noting that they were detained in an ICE raid on a local factory last year that netted 97 arrests. What do you expect Beto to say to a group like that — that basic sovereignty requires America to deport people who’ve entered the country by flouting U.S. law? C’mon. It’s 2019.

O’Rourke noted that while Trump had used ICE raids to create fear, similar raids unfolded under President Barack Obama.

“We also have to admit that Democratic presidents have used ICE raids mercilessly,” O’Rourke said. “Whatever the motivation, it instilled fear and broke up families.”

There’s lots of sporadic chatter in political media about the tension between ObamaCare, which Biden is all but forced to defend, and the Medicare for All plan that progressive all-stars like Bernie, Warren, and Harris have championed. That fight will come. But an even more fascinating schism is brewing over Obama’s immigration policies, which to the right boils down to executive amnesty for DREAMers in the form of DACA but to the left boils down to O having deported a lot of illegal immigrants. Not just violent ones either: Obama did not share the left’s radical orthodoxy that entering the U.S. illegally wasn’t a serious enough breach of federal law in itself to warrant expulsion from the country. That fight’s coming too. Will anyone onstage at the debates, Biden included, stand up for the idea that the U.S. should practice very basic border enforcement? If so, it won’t be Beto O’Rourke.

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