Report: Meghan McCain feels like a "caged animal" on "The View," might not renew her contract

Just putting this out there: If ABC wants to pay me a million bucks a year to sit there every day and be polite while Joy Behar calls me a racist, I will entertain the offer.

I will not call her a “bitch.”

And I will not call the producer a “motherf***er.”

Well … maybe I’ll call the producer a “motherf***er.” Longstanding showbiz traditions should be honored.

I don’t blame Meg for feeling exasperated at being the lone righty on the panel, assuming this report is accurate. But I do wonder what she was expecting when she joined the cast.

According to sources close to the 34-year-old McCain, who is said to make something under a million dollars a year on the highly rated daytime program, she is emotionally drained, angry, and isolated—“feeling like a caged animal,” said one McCain intimate—amid a spate of negative publicity.

Much of this has appeared on the popular website of the Daily Mail that has portrayed her as entitled, unreasonable, “manic,” and self-obsessed—a “petulant child,” given to “crying fits” when she’s roasted on social media.

She feels “so exhausted and defeated,” said a knowledgeable source, after her two seasons of discontent.

“It’s getting to the point where it’s not worth the emotional toll every week,” said a McCain pal, who asked not to be further identified. “If she doesn’t stay at The View, she will find other work.”

Actually, if you read the full story (which is surprisingly lengthy and detailed), you’ll see that it’s not the aggravation from sparring with Behar and others on-air that’s eating at McCain. It’s the sniping off the air, with people leaking repeatedly to the Daily Mail about her alleged diva abrasiveness and co-host Sunny Hostin supposedly talking smack about her to McCain’s own friends. Even this story contains some backbiting, with “a person familiar with McCain’s M.O.” — whatever that means — telling the Daily Beast that she “has a mouth like a trucker” and that her father “raised her like a guy.” Why, it seems that, unlike her celebrity co-stars, apparently McCain prefers to spend her down time in Arizona “hanging out in the creek and doing Jell-O shots and shooting guns” instead of in the Hamptons.

Which makes me want to give Meg her own show, to be honest.

Lotta backstabbing on that set, though, some of it barely veiled. Read the bit about McCain following “View” staffers’ social media accounts to see if they’re “favoriting” material that’s critical of her. (Sometimes they are!) The most interesting quote comes from the show’s executive producer, whom you might expect to scoff at a question about discord and blandly insist that everyone loves each other. Not this time: “I feel like she will come back,” said the producer when asked if Meg will renew her contract, sounding not at all certain. “These stories don’t seem to go away,” she acknowledged about the drumbeat of “Crazy Meg” stories in the Daily Mail. Plus, there’s daily nonsense like this to deal with:

It’s one thing to sign up to be the token Republican on air and take your lumps. It’s another thing to get the mean-girls treatment for it in the tabloids. Maybe she should quit and inquire at Fox News as to when Ainsley Earhardt’s “Fox & Friends” contract is up. Imagine Trump tuning into his favorite show in the world one day and finding John McCain’s daughter staring back at him.

Exit question: If Meg walks, who’s the new token conservative on the panel? S.E. Cupp? Mary Katharine Ham?