Andy Ngo: I'm having cognitive issues due to the severity of that attack by Antifa

You won’t doubt him after listening to him speak here. He doesn’t sound good.

He describes what he’s going through as “cognitive hiccups” but that risks minimizing the extent of it. Last night he told Tucker Carlson that he suffered a brain hemorrhage, so badly was he beaten. Some of his attackers used objects. Asked to estimate how many there were, Ngo could only guess from five to … 20.

A full-on mob assault on a bystander, in broad daylight in a major American city, with the local “justice” building that houses the sheriff’s office within view, according to Ngo.

Some people are dogging CNN for the awkward phrasing of that tweet (Ngo “says” he was assaulted) but I don’t think they meant to cast any doubt. They put him on the air, they showed footage of the assault, and anchor John Berman ended the segment by emphasizing how important it is for journalists to be safe when they’re reporting. They’re not trying to minimize what happened. Or at least, Berman isn’t.

With some of the other anchors at CNN, you never know.

The piece you’ll want to read about this today is C.K. Bouferrache’s account of what happened. Bouferrache was at the Antifa rally side by side with Ngo and photographed the violence directed at him, first starting with milkshakes thrown and then progressing to a beating. (Bouferrache is skeptical of reports that cement had been added to the milkshakes, for what it’s worth.) You sense from reading it that Antifa used the milkshakes to see how much the cops would let them get away with. Having twice assaulted Ngo with impunity by throwing liquid in his face, it was a logical next step for them to scale up to an all-out mob attack. They didn’t harass every reporter there either, says Bouferrache. Journalists who are friendlier to the group’s brand of fascism apparently got away unscathed. That’s a useful rebuttal to people (like me) who wondered why coverage of Ngo’s assault has focused on his role as a journalist rather than as an innocent bystander. Answer: Because Antifa seems to have focused on it. Either some of them recognized Ngo for his unflattering coverage previously or, perhaps, they just didn’t like the questions he was asking at the rally.

As for the police:

I asked the police to arrest the [first] person [who threw a milkshake at Ngo], as I could identify him if they came with me at the time. They said they could not safely go in to the park but would take copies of my photos for the report. Later, I saw a video of the same man hitting a bystander in the back of the head with a bike lock, resulting in a serious injury…

Above shows the immediate aftermath of the second milkshaking (assault). It’s Andy and the person who assaulted him. I gave chase as well to get another photograph and let the police know it had happened again. They gave the same response as above. Andy made a second report and went back in.

The cops don’t own the streets of their own city. Make sure you read to the end of Bouferrache’s piece or else you’ll miss the shot of the droogs clad head to toe in black with their faces hidden under motorcycle helmets, obviously clad for battle, and the ER shots of another man who had his scalp split wide open in two places. That guy wasn’t even at the rally, it seems. He was downtown for another event, then went to help a third person who’d been attacked when he himself was jumped from behind by at least three people. The weapon of choice in this case may have been a bike lock.

Someone’s obviously going to be killed at one of these rallies, possibly Ngo if he shows up again. And the blood will be on the hands of the mayor and the cops who’ve now received ample notice that they have a major gang problem on their hands and seem unwilling thus far to do anything about it. Here’s Ngo with Carlson last night.