Unanimous: All 10 Dems at the debate say their health-care plans would cover illegal immigrants

Honestly, if you’re anywhere to the right of Joe Biden, the only takeaway from last night is that these people are open-borders trash.

Over two hours of debate, there was only one question that drew a real-time Twitter reaction from Trump. Guess which.


You’ll be hearing about this again on the trail next year. Bernie Sanders was asked afterward how he can justify an idea like this. His answer: What’s the alternative?

‘But here’s the point, and I think most Americans know. If there is a child in a school who is undocumented and that child becomes seriously ill, what do you do? You let the child die? Does anyone think that that’s appropriate? If a child has something that is contagious. Do you say, oh we’re not going to take care of that kid, he can get the rest of the, the rest of the classroom sick? So, undocumented people, last I heard, are human beings.

‘And I am going to fight for comprehensive immigration reform and a path toward citizenship. But certainly, in the meantime, I believe in the right of health care for all people – all people – and that includes the undocumented.’

That’s the best argument for this answer. What’s the alternative? Unquestionably, an illegal immigrant who’s sick or injured will be treated at the hospital. In almost every instance, they won’t be able to afford the cost of that care and it’ll fall to the rest of us to pick up the tab. Bernie’s just being forthright about the situation in volunteering up front to cover the cost. Plus, he might have said, we pay for health care for all sorts of degenerates in the federal prison system, starting with the Boston bomber. (The guy whom Bernie wants to let vote, remember?) Paying a doctor to care for a sick immigrant child is light years more tolerable morally than paying him to care for El Chapo.

What’s galling about the unanimity onstage isn’t the instinct to cover people who can’t afford coverage. That’s the point of Medicare for All. It’s wanting to use American taxpayer money to pay for the health care of people who not only aren’t Americans but who gained access to the American health-care system in the first place by breaking federal law, and doing it at a moment when the crush of illegal immigration is unprecedented. The last thing the country needs right now is a new inducement for migrants to show up at the border with bogus asylum claims, particularly from a party that’s offered jack by way of solutions apart from “let ’em all in and let ’em all go.” If Democrats want to start handing out health care to illegals, they should do what they can to limit the burden on taxpayers by working with the GOP to limit the number of migrants. Instead they’re doing the opposite — free health-care candy for anyone who makes it across plus an apparent total disinterest in restricting that number in any way. It’s a neon sign at the border flashing “Enter.” Open-borders trash.

Serious question: Why doesn’t Bernie offer to bankroll a counterpart to Medicare for All in Guatemala? If we’re going to have Americans fund health care for foreigners with no regard as to the number of people covered, we might as well cover everyone. Think of it as preventative care: We’ll avoid having to pay for a lot of illness and injury by sparing them a needless trek through Mexico.