Radio host to Warren on Native American ancestry: "You're kind of like the original Rachel Dolezal"

What makes this so enjoyable is that Warren does her level best to change the subject. She’s asked about the Fauxcahontas thing, she cops to the fact that she’s not a person of color and shouldn’t have claimed to be on any official documents, then nimbly pivots into a riff about policy proposals aimed at helping black Americans. She’d almost wriggled free.

Right, says the host, Charlamagne Tha God, undeterred. But what about that whole exploiting-a-minority-racial-identity thing?

I think the exchange would have been fine for her if not for the line about Dolezal. There’s no way for her to avoid this subject or to avoid being made uncomfortable by questions about it but she had her pat answer ready and stuck to it: I still believe I’m Native American, she says(!), but I’m not a formal member of the tribe and that’s important. That’s her concession to complaints from Cherokee Nation that they’re the authority on who is and isn’t Cherokee, not some DNA test.

But comparing her to Dolezal blew that up. It made her ridiculous in an instant.

This wasn’t the only uncomfortable question Charlamagne asked, either. Watch the second clip below, in which he reminds her that race wasn’t the only identity she used to be confused about. The guy’s obviously a Berniebro. Regardless, he should probably moderate the Democratic debates.