Ilhan Omar: Republican "goons," and many Dems, can't stand having a black Muslim immigrant woman who's equal to them

I thought what they couldn’t stand was her accusing supporters of the Jewish state of being bought and sold by AIPAC’s “Benjamins” or questioning their loyalty to the United States outright.

The “goons” talking point works better for her audience.

This is a leftover from yesterday’s “Black Women in Defense of Ilhan Omar” rally in Washington. Among the speakers were Angela Davis (she’s seated to Omar’s left in the second clip below) and Rashida Tlaib, who vowed there’d be no! more! apologies! for … trafficking in anti-semitic tropes, I guess. As you’ll see, Omar made a point of equating anti-semitism with Islamophobia and laying both at the feet of Trump’s nationalist supporters, a talking point will serve her well until she inevitably decides to criticize Israel on Twitter one day with a passage from the Protocols of the Elders of Zion or whatever.

The “goons” treatment for Republicans here is par for the course and will be a staple of Omar’s public rhetoric for as long as she’s in Congress. It’s the subtext of all messaging about the GOP from the AOC contingent in the Democrats’ freshmen class, but Omar is a freer than the rest to dispense with the trappings of civility since Republicans have hit her hard too over her Israel and 9/11 comments, which led to death threats. The more interesting comment is her aside that “many” Democrats in Congress also supposedly can’t stomach having to treat a black Muslim refugee as an equal. She should be asked to name names about her own caucus. Which racist, sexist faux-progressives are guilty of this terrible bigotry? They should be shamed publicly for it!

It wouldn’t happen to be all of the Democratic Israel supporters who objected to her dual-loyalty slander, would it?

By the way, can we get a poll on Democratic views of Omar already? It’s been almost three months since the AIPAC comments and I can’t recall a survey that drilled down on her various comments to see where liberal and left-wing opinion on her might diverge. The mention of her name drew rapturous applause from the audience at Bernie Sanders’s Fox News town hall a few weeks ago but at last check Bernie is an 11 percent candidate who might be fading into the second tier of the field. It’s a given that Israel-hating progressive trash love Omar but what about the other 90 percent of Democrats?