Sunday morning talking heads

No Uncle Joe on the Sunday shows this morning? Biden’s entry into the presidential race is the story of the week but he’s nowhere to be found on today’s schedule as of early Saturday. Although I suppose that makes sense: The implied trade-off when appearing on “Meet the Press” or wherever is 30 minutes or so of national exposure in exchange for being grilled about elements of your record which you’d rather not discuss. Biden’s already the best known candidate in the field, though, and there are *many* elements of his long record in public service which he’d rather not discuss. Doing an interview in this format would certainly cost him more goodwill than it would earn him name recognition.

Amy Klobuchar’s not in the same boat so she’ll drop by MTP this a.m. She’s an interesting guest to have on in the wake of Biden’s announcement since she’s one of the few candidates in the field competing with him for centrist votes. She has every incentive to hit Biden hard, not only to protect her own “lane” in the race but to give Biden-hating lefties a reason to buzz about her. This may be the first solid hit that Biden takes from a rival on gender issues like his handling of the Clarence Thomas hearing and his, uh, hair-sniffing habit.

If that doesn’t grab you, how about an interview with sinister Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif, the mullahs’ point man in nuclear negotiations with the Obama administration? He’ll be on to complain about U.S.-led oil sanctions on Iran and to maybe kiss Trump’s ass a bit, knowing how well a charm offensive has worked for Kim Jong Un in keeping the White House off his back. He’ll be on “Face the Nation” and “Fox News Sunday,” where he’ll be quizzed by Chris Wallace instead of … friendlier Fox faces:

Geraldo Rivera, Iranian apologist. Given Trump’s habit of appointing Fox employees to administration jobs, he’ll probably be Secretary of Defense by the time POTUS holds his inevitable summit with Rouhani.

Weird but true: The guest who’s set to follow Zarif on “Fox News Sunday” is … John Bolton, which is a little like interviewing the Joker and Batman back-to-back. The full line-up is at the AP.

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