Cher: My city and state can't handle an influx of illegals!

I don’t want to overstate how much I enjoyed this tweet but I kinda feel like it singlehandedly justifies Trump’s entire presidency.

Eighteen months ago she was willing to take illegals into her own home, notes the Wrap. Wha’ happen’?

Don Jr (and many other righties) duly dunked on her for last night’s change of heart but somehow the man in charge missed it, consumed as he was with the important question of what Boeing might rename the 737 MAX. He needs to correct that oversight today. Seventy years of Baby Boomer history have been building to a moment of peak campiness in which President Donald J. Trump trolls Cher over his immigration policies on the world’s worst social-media platform, the most dystopian thing I can think of not involving nukes, the plague, or zombies. Politics in this era is half reality show and half variety show so naturally Cher must have a cameo eventually. He owes us this. Flame her.

Maybe he and Cher could compromise by agreeing that another blue district, like Seattle, should take the illegals instead. Seattle’s mayor sounds okay with that:

In Seattle, we know that our immigrant and refugee communities make our city a stronger, more vibrant place. Our immigrant neighbors make up more than 18 percent of our population, and 21 percent of our population speaks a language other than English at home. They create businesses and jobs. They create art and culture. They help teach our kids, serve in law enforcement and the military, and lead our places of faith.

Our immigrant and refugee neighbors have helped Seattle become the fastest-growing big city in the country and become home to some of the world’s most iconic companies. And we know that today’s immigrants are tomorrow’s U.S. citizens who should have the chance to contribute to the economic, cultural and civic life of Seattle — and our nation.

“Seattle is not afraid of immigrants and refugees,” she sniffs, in which case it seems like we have a solution in search of a problem here. Especially since any illegals who don’t want to stay in Seattle, which presumably is most of them, will just hop a bus and end up in Cher’s backyard within a day or two. As the mayor of one Massachusetts city said about Trump’s proposal of dumping illegals on sanctuary cities, “Fine by me. But does he realize that the moment after people get ‘placed’ they’ll start moving to wherever they want to go? Every city has an open border.”

There’s also the minor problem of there being no money appropriated for DHS to actually do this, even if they could surmount the legal problems and liability fears for ICE involved in transporting immigrants across long distances:

“It makes no sense,” said John Sandweg, an acting ICE director in 2013 and 2014 in the Obama administration, adding that it would violate federal law by diverting money “for political purposes.”

“At a time like this, when ICE is just overwhelmed by the number of Central Americans arriving, having to divert further resources to send a political message is outrageous,” he said.

Sandweg said the government “would pay big money” for the White House’s plan to deliver migrants to sanctuary cities. In addition to transportation costs, officials would have to assign immigration agents to escort them to their destinations. Currently, migrants usually buy their own bus or airline tickets.

Unworkable policy but a great episode of The Show. Here’s Sarah Sanders being grilled about this yesterday on “Fox News Sunday.” Exit quotation: “Let’s put some of those people into their communities and into their towns, and see if they are OK then with that same impact.”

Update: Come on. He can do better than this.