Trump now goofing on Biden for his handsiness on Twitter

Critics are grumbling on social media that this is unpresidential but it will be seen as visionary in 20 years when President Ocasio-Cortez is throttling her critics daily with the dankest of memes.

Plus, cut the guy slack: He looks to be unwell.

Trump should enjoy this while he can because a man responsible for the “Access Hollywood” tape, accused of sexual misconduct by something like a dozen women, will obviously have a harder time dunking on Biden for being touchy-feely once the battle is fully joined next year.

You can (probably) thank Dan Scavino, who posts sometimes from Trump’s account, for that. He posted the same clip on his Instagram account this morning and was responsible for the famous tweet of Trump clotheslining CNN 18 months ago.

By all accounts, Biden is the candidate whom Trump himself most fears among the Democratic field. There’s a small chance right now that the #MeToo pile-on will reach such proportions that it’ll spook Biden into deciding against running. One way to complicate that, though, is for the left’s least favorite politician to join the pile-on, as the spectacle of Trump relishing Biden’s misery might convince the latter’s liberal critics to ease up on him. (It might also anger Biden, who’s reportedly already pissed at Bernie Sanders, and steel his resolve to run.) That is, baiting Biden makes no sense strategically right now for the president and may actually be counterproductive.

But lulz are lulz, and so here we are.

Besides, Biden’s probably going to run no matter what Trump does. Look how many friends in the media he has doing damage control for him. By the time they’re done he’ll be more popular than he was before all of this started.

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