Kellyanne Conway: My husband should keep his criticisms of Trump private

There are five compelling reasons to reelect Trump.

1. The economy.
2. The economy.
3. The economy.
4. Judges.
5. Four more years of darkly amusing soap-opera garbage like this.

Find the time to watch this as it’s one of the cringier interviews you’ll ever see. Conway’s careful with her tone and she sprinkles praise for George throughout but some of her jabs land hard. He’s protective of me, she says — of the president, not her husband. We made a decision as a family to move to Washington so that I could work in the White House, she reminds the viewer, implying (not unfairly) that George has broken an implied promise to support her career. He’s never asked me to quit my job over this, she notes admiringly — again, referring to the president, not her spouse. She hasn’t spoken publicly until now about George’s feud with Trump, she adds at one point, because she wants to protect her children.

Insinuating, of course, that only one parent in the Conway household is thinking of them in all this.

I’ll remind you again that a leading theory of the Conway/Trump brouhaha is that George and Kellyanne are orchestrating it to play both sides of the Trump divide within the GOP. Kellyanne keeps the family in the good graces of the pro-Trump contingent, George keeps them in the good graces of official Washington. Try to square that reasoning with this video, though. Are both Conways really so devious that they’d condone Kellyanne going on national television to compare George unfavorably in terms of loyalty and supportiveness to … Donald J. Trump?

There’s even a dig at one point about George obtaining “power through his wife” — power in the sense of notoriety, with the daily George/Trump flame war suddenly a media obsession. That point is presented as a critique of feminists egging Kellyanne on to side with her husband by quitting (why should I do what my man wants rather than what I want, Kellyanne suggests) but it’s impossible not to read it as a shot at George too. Ignore my husband. He doesn’t matter.

Look out for the part where she scolds political reporters for spending so much of their time monitoring cable news and Twitter for story ideas. I wonder: Why would journalists have concluded that those forums are particularly important to follow to know what’s going on in the White House in 2019? Any theories?