"Dianne Feinstein" talks back to schoolkids about the Green New Deal, the sequel

A late-night treat from SNL to cleanse the palate. The leading theory in the YouTube comments to this clip is that it wasn’t cut from this weekend’s show for time, as was claimed, but was cut because the producers thought better in the end of promoting a confrontation between a Democratic senator and some precociously woke children.

But I doubt that’s it. It was most likely cut because they concluded belatedly that maybe one percent of the viewing audience follows political media sufficiently closely to know what this was a goof on.

Although in SNL’s case, I’m not sure that’s true. Isn’t it mainly journalists who watch it now because they can’t get enough of Alec Baldwin’s terrible Trump impersonation and all the Trump-hating jokes it requires to sustain it?

Ah well. More Cecily Strong, less Baldwin, and maybe things will improve.