Vandals deface statue of General Lee. No, not that General Lee.

The motive here is still unknown but the curator of the William C. Lee Airborne Museum has a compelling theory. Given that Confederate memorials have been defaced or torn down recently in the greater Raleigh-Durham area, where the museum is located, and in light of the fact that most Americans are abject ignoramuses about their country’s basic history, it seems likely that someone thought this General Lee was that General Lee and decided to torch a statue of him to protest racism.

And so, between this and the Jussie Smollett saga, we have a recurring theme on the homepage today: Woke and stupid are a woeful combination.

When you take a look at the statue of Gen. William C. Lee and compare it to a statue of Gen. Robert E. Lee, it’s obvious the two are completely dissimilar and look completely different.

“Complete different generation, complete different war, complete different everything,” Mr. Johnson said. “Everything is different.”

Mr. Johnson said the last name alone — the only thing the two men share — has spurred questions in the past about kinship between the two, something which does not exist.

“People have asked if they’re kin and we tell them they’re not kin that we know of,” Mr. Johnson said. “There’s been no other concerns about the Confederate general versus the World War II general that we know of at all.”

I don’t know, maybe it’s not a case of mistaken identity. Raleigh-Durham is a college region; there must be no shortage of locals who hate the troops.

I kid. Well, no, not really.