When Mr. Trump met Mr. Bean

To cleanse the palate, the most magical deepfake yet. I did not imagine the spectacle of Donald J. Bean ranting about Mexicans would appeal so viscerally to me, yet here we are. Here we are.

I may be Never Trump but I’m Always Bean.

Watching this so soon after the infernal Jennifer Lawrence/Steve Buscemi deepfake gives you a sense of where the flaw in the technology lies. It’s pretty darned good even at this early stage at syncing the new face to the old face’s speech and expressive patterns. What it’s not great at yet is mapping the new face onto the old head so that the features seem correctly “placed.” The new face in the Lawrence/Buscemi vid sometimes seemed too low; here it seems too high at points. How you correct for differently sized/shaped heads is unclear to me. How tragic it’ll be if future attempts to replace the face of the president of the United States with Rowan Atkinson’s never quite achieve perfect verisimilitude.

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