Shep Smith and Chris Wallace: Why haven't any media outlets been able to corroborate BuzzFeed's Trump story?

Goooooood question. BuzzFeed does do plenty of worthy original reporting but you’d never have guessed that they’d be the newsroom to break a story that might lead directly to Trump’s impeachment if proved. And you’d certainly never have guessed that their sources would be so far superior to those of the New York Times, Washington Post, and Wall Street Journal that those three mega-papers would still have nothing on this mega-bombshell almost 24 hours later. You know they’re working hard to get it; you know that collectively they’re sourced to the gills in all sorts of government offices. Somehow BuzzFeed seems to have found two federal law enforcement officials who are (a) sufficiently high up to have seen evidence of the president suborning perjury, (b) willing and able to confirm that to BuzzFeed, and (c) unwilling or unable to confirm that to anyone else, so far as we know.

That is awfully strange. If the weekend passes without corroboration by any other outlets, BuzzFeed will be under a dark cloud by Monday.

On the other hand, it’s also strange that the White House has been quiet about it. Sarah Sanders finally told reporters this afternoon that the story is “categorically false,” but as I noted earlier, Hogan Gidley was reluctant to flatly deny the charges on Fox this morning. And the tweeter-in-chief has ignored the story all day (apart from an oblique reference to Cohen’s untrustworthiness) despite the fact that normally this would be primo “fake news!” material for him, especially considering BuzzFeed’s role in publicizing the Steele dossier. You can write the missing tweet yourself: “Dopey left-wing listicle site BuzzFeed pushed phony dossier to smear me, now pushing Cohen lies to smear me again! FAKE NEWS! The Chive is better!” How come he hasn’t said that?

And while we’re at it, how come Cohen himself and his (former) lawyer are so reluctant to confirm or deny?

Exit question: Can I get odds in Vegas on BuzzFeed’s story being a bust? I’m in at 2-1.