Question for Women's March co-founder: Does Israel have the right to exist?

Why is this Farrakhanist nitwit still fielding questions about Israel and the Palestinians? How does it benefit her to do so, now that her group has begun bleeding mainstream Democratic support because she won’t shut up when asked about it? If she won’t condemn Farrakhan’s views because, uh, pretty clearly she agrees with them, she should just no-comment when asked about anything other than the Women’s March. Here’s a free stock answer: “The history of that region is complicated and I’m not an expert on it. I don’t want to say anything that might betray my ignorance but I’m trying to learn more about it. I’m going to focus on problems closer to home.”

You know why she’s still taking questions about this subject? Because her views on Jews and Israel, nurtured by Farrakhan’s “teachings,” are more important to her than the Women’s March is. There’s no other explanation.

Should an organization of people devoted to changing the United States through protest want to be led by someone who’d let it slowly bleed goodwill in the name of defending her other pet causes? Whether they should or not, it looks like they’re going to:

A national board member with the Women’s March defended the organization’s co-president amid a growing controversy over the latter’s relationship with Louis Farrakhan, the Nation of Islam leader who has drawn criticism for his alleged anti-Semitic remarks.

Linda Sarsour, a Women’s March national board member, said that she believes in co-president Tamika Mallory’s leadership, calling her a “woman who stands up for all people.”

How hard is it to organize a big feminist march in America 2019 without having an apologist for Louis Farrakhan at the top? For cripes sake. There must be some mainstream women’s organization that can step in here to lead a generic “Men Suck” rally.

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