Sunday morning talking heads

Topping the Sunday shows this morning are two of Trump’s right-hand men, one to speak on policy matters, the other to address whether he might eventually be going to prison. The policy guy is immigration specialist Stephen Miller, who doesn’t show up often in this slot but whose appearances are usually memorable since they tend to be extremely combative. Miller’s on to try to sell America on the idea that a shutdown to force Democrats to fund the border wall is both the right thing to do and the Democrats’ fault if it happens. (And if it does, it looks increasingly like it’ll come next month, not next week.) Expect him to be grilled on why a seven-year-old girl died recently of exhaustion and dehydration after a few hours in the custody of Border Patrol. “Why didn’t they get her medical treatment immediately?” he’ll be asked. “Why did her parents drag a little girl through the desert without water?” he’ll respond. He’s set for “Face the Nation.”

To address the is-the-president-going-to-jail question it’s Rudy Giuliani, who’ll sit down with “This Week” and “Fox News Sunday.” He’ll be asked about the mounting evidence that Trump conspired with Michael Cohen and David Pecker to hide mistress payoffs from the FEC and his novel legal theory that that’s irrelevant even if true because it’s not a “big crime.” Fox News is usually friendly confines for him, but Chris Wallace is going to put him through the wringer about how the big crime/little crime distinction jibes with his “broken windows” approach to law enforcement in the 1990s.

If Miller’s not enough of a draw to get you to watch “Face the Nation,” tune in at least to catch former Cohen lawyer Lanny Davis. If anyone’s going to break news this morning about what Cohen knows, not just about mistress payoffs but about Russiagate, he’s the one who’ll do it. The full line-up is at the AP.

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