The Dan Crenshaw/Pete Davidson "SNL" kumbaya moment

Enjoy this postscript to last week’s unpleasantness. With the next presidential election cycle now under way, it’s apt to be the last public moment of graciousness and good humor involving American politics until 2021. At least.

After you’re done with the clip spend five minutes with this WaPo profile of Crenshaw. Republicans in Texas did not have a good night down ballot on Tuesday night: Cruz barely held on against Beto O’Rourke but the Democratic voters whom Beto turned out ended up flipping a variety of congressional and state races to Team Blue. Crenshaw, who won his race for Texas’s 2nd District by seven points, was a notable exception. His tone is also a notable exception to the pugnacious style of the Trumpified GOP:

In a 2015 Facebook post flagged by one of his opponents, Crenshaw called then-candidate Donald Trump an idiot and referred to his rhetoric on Muslims as “insane,” according to the Texas Tribune. Three years later, Crenshaw says he supports the president’s policies, save for the trade warfare, but prefers to comport himself in a manner that is the total opposite of the commander in chief’s.

“His style is not my style,” Crenshaw says now. “I’ll just say that. It’s never how I would conduct myself. But what readers of The Washington Post need to understand is that conservatives can hold multiple ideas in their head at the same time. We can be like, ‘Wow he shouldn’t have tweeted that,’ and still support him . . . You can disapprove of what the president says every day, or that day, and still support his broader agenda.”…

“This life, this purpose, this American spirit that we hold dear — we are not alone,” he said [during his victory speech], sharing the mission. “We do it together.”

When you’ve spent 10 years as a SEAL, you don’t need rhetorical gimmicks to prove your willingness to “fight.” Crenshaw, by the way, is all of 34 years old, has a decade of distinguished service as an elite soldier under his belt, got his masters degree in government from Harvard this year, won his first race for Congress last week, and probably earned more goodwill with non-Republicans in four minutes via this SNL segment last night than most candidates from his party will ever enjoy. The future is bright.