"Join the fight club": Are you ready for President Avenatti's first ad?

To cleanse the palate. Apropos of nothing, I follow him on Twitter and after reading the news about him the last few weeks the same thought flashes through my mind every time he tweets:

“Pay your bills, dipsh*t.”

Every time. Involuntarily. Doesn’t matter what he’s tweeting about, what the subject matter is. Every time.

But then, you’re probably having the same thought. How could you not be?

In fact, I predict that the eventual Democratic nominee will catch fire during the primaries in 2020 when, at a debate, after a long speech by Avenatti about how wimpy Democrats are or whatever, he or she turns to him and deadpans, “Pay your bills, dipsh*t.”

Anyway, he insists this isn’t a presidential ad, it’s a midterm ad:

“We concluded that shooting this and releasing this would result in increased turnout, which is critically important,” Avenatti told POLITICO. “The message is, ‘We’ve had enough, we have to take back this country. We have to do that fighting back and turning out to vote.’”

Avenatti said the video was produced at a discounted rate after Dana Offenbach, of the New York-based CinemaStreet Pictures, reached out to him about wanting to help his cause.

It’s a good thing the rate was discounted because, er, the bill-paying skills here aren’t strong, as I might have mentioned. And if you’re thinking, “Well, his Super PAC could have paid for it” — nope, not really. Their bill-paying abilities are also somewhat “limited” at the moment, shall we say.

If you missed it yesterday, read Politico’s preview of Avenatti’s fledgling campaign. He’s gearing up to run as a firebreathing populist “fighter for good,” as his Twitter bio describes him, so naturally he’s huddling with … former Hillary Clinton advsiors?

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