Andrew Gillum: Let's face it, your concerns about my dubious ethics are racist

Eighteen polls of Florida have been taken since September 1st. This tool has led in 18. Every one.

The bad news: He’s probably going to be governor. The good news: If there are any scandals during his administration, rest assured that they’ll merely be figments of your racist imagination.

If he does win in November, he’ll immediately be a VP shortlister for 2020 and potentially a presidential candidate himself. So if you don’t live in Florida, no worries: President Gillum may soon be calling you too a racist for thinking that pols shouldn’t be secretly accepting free tickets or free trips from lobbyists or pretend-lobbyists and then lying their balls off about it.

Tuesday’s “Hamilton” news is the kind of manna from heaven that struggling candidates like DeSantis, running behind in all of the public polls, need. It gives him the chance to talk about what he wants: Gillum and the allegation that the Tallahassee mayor is corrupt. Gillum didn’t respond with judo as much as jiu-jitsu by essentially counterstriking DeSantis and accusing him and Republicans in general of racism: “All along … they’ve wanted the people of this state to believe somehow I haven’t deserved what I’ve gotten, I’m unethical, participated in illegal and illicit activity. I mean, you name it. The goal is obviously to use my candidacy as a way to reinforce, frankly, stereotypes about black men.”

Charles Cooke, a Florida resident, wonders who “they” are:

As far as I can see, every single newspaper here in Florida has covered this story, including all the ones that have endorsed Gillum. This is not a wild conspiracy theory, nor a half-truth spun out of proportion by a random blogger. It is a real story that has appeared in real outlets. That Gillum’s instinct is to cry “racism” when questioned about a legitimate story is extraordinary — and it does not bode well for Florida should he prevail in the coming election.

By the RGA’s count, he’s lied publicly about how he came by his ticket to “Hamilton” no fewer than five times over the last few months. Now that the lie’s been exposed, it’s time to deflect by accusing his critics of illicit motives. Expect him to do it at tonight’s final debate with Ron DeSantis too, probably aggressively: When you’re on the ropes the surest way off is to hit back, knowing your supporters will appreciate your willingness to “fight.” For two years the left has complained about Trump’s tactics whenever he or his cronies are cornered — Russiagate is a “witch hunt,” the election was “rigged” up until the moment it was called for him, etc. His instinct when he’s in trouble is to whine about unfairness and pass the buck. And now here we are with Democrats’ new political dreamboat, Gillum, pulling the same trick, knowing his side will back him to the hilt. We deserve the garbage politics we have.

Here he is in a Facebook video doubling down on the idea that it’s racist to worry about the very obvious ethical questions that have been swirling around him and which would be used against literally any other politician in America, black, white, or polka dot.