New Arkansas ad: Our GOP congressman will protect black men from being falsely accused of rape by white women

If you’d asked me in 2016, at the height of the alt-right’s political strength, whether there were any ads in the GOP’s future involving white women, black men, and sexual menace, I might have shuddered and said yes.

I would not have guessed that those ads would focus on the threat to black men from white women.

The Trump era is full of surprises, my friends.

The spot below wasn’t produced by GOP Rep. French Hill’s campaign. It comes from an outfit called Black Americans for the President’s Agenda led by West Virginia state rep Jill Upson. Lotta ground covered here in 60 seconds. First comes a tribute to due process in the Kavanaugh saga, then a sudden detour into, er, white women’s supposed propensity to lie about sexual assault by black men. Then a warning that whites — specifically, white Democrats — are gearing up to bring back lynching. (Metaphorical lynching? Actual lynching? Unclear.)

Oh, and then a straightforward recommendation to black men to stay away from white girls because you know they’ll end up crying “rape” sooner or later.

Boy, that escalated quickly. I mean, that really got out of hand fast.

And it’s all being done to promote a white conservative in the deep south, in the name of a reactionary president whose own track record on black men wrongly accused of sexually assaulting white women isn’t the best, as he might say.

Hill himself wants no part of it, please note:

Perhaps this is the secret ingredient to rapprochement between black voters and Republicans that’s been missing for so many years, though. The two sides lacked a common enemy to unite them and now they have one: Dirty, lying, scheming, diabolically racist white girls. Works for me.

Anyway, here it is. The most spectacularly incendiary anti-#MeToo propaganda you’ll ever hear.