Sunday morning talking heads

The Kavanaugh wars are … well, not over, exactly, but now momentarily at a standstill. That leaves time on the Sunday shows for the GOP to celebrate its victory in the biggest battle to date. The star guest is the key vote for confirmation, naturally enough: Susan Collins will be on “Face the Nation” and “State of the Union” to discuss her crucial balance-tipping decision, the near-certainty of a tough reelection bid in Maine in 2020 after this, and how it feels to be, uh, “pro-rape.”

Joining her on “Face the Nation” is Mitch McConnell, whose strong (and ultimately emotional) effort to confirm Kavanaugh will likely be seen as his crowning achievement in tilting America’s federal courts to the right. He’ll drop by “Fox News Sunday” as well to tell America which is the greater high: Installing a solidly conservative majority on the Supreme Court, or cocaine.

Lindsey Graham, the other new fightin’ RINO of the Kavanaugh wars, will follow McConnell on “Fox News Sunday.” For the Democratic counter, tune into “Meet the Press” for Chris Coons, who spent days earlier this week lauding Jeff Flake for demanding a pause to let the FBI do its work and then spent the remainder denigrating the very investigation Flake had pushed for. Oh, and John Kasich will follow Collins on “State of the Union,” saying John Kasich-y things about how disappointed he is in Republicans and how maybe what the country needs is a sensible center-right alternative in 2020. The full line-up is at the AP.