Sunday morning talking heads

The most sought-after guest for the Sunday shows this morning is one who can’t be booked yet. That would be the anonymous author of the NYT “resistance” op-ed that ran this past week, still unknown to everyone except the Times’s op-ed editors. Instead the chat shows will turn to the next best thing, top Trump deputies who’ve been accused of writing the piece but who, er, almost certainly didn’t. The biggest name scheduled is VP Mike Pence, whom many have identified as a prime suspect because (a) the op-ed uses the term “lodestar,” a recurring phrase in his public remarks, and (b) they’re morons. He’ll sit down with “Face the Nation” and “Fox News Sunday” to reiterate his denials that he wrote it and to urge the author to show himself and resign. Kellyanne Conway, a somewhat more likely but still unlikely suspect herself, will turn up on “Meet the Press” to hammer the same points.

Also on “Meet the Press” is Ben Sasse, who provided an honest-to-goodness against-all-odds interesting moment at this week’s pointless Senate clusterfark confirmation hearings for Brett Kavanaugh. He’ll chat with Chuck Todd about how the SCOTUS process became a heaping pile of smoking garbage, and maybe address this tweet, which is also … interesting:

He’s not getting reelected in Nebraska as an independent, assuming he’s getting reelected at all.

If none of that grabs you, tune into “This Week” on ABC for the encounter American politics has been waiting months for. One night only: George Stephanopoulos interviews George Papadopoulos about what he did and didn’t know about Russian hacking in 2016. And more importantly, what the Trump campaign did and didn’t know. The full line-up is at the AP.