Sunday morning talking heads

Socialist America’s surprising new star is all set for the Sunday shows this morning, his formal introduction to an electorate he might face someday. Florida Democratic gubernatorial nominee Andrew Gillum will be the lead guest on “State of the Union” and “Meet the Press,” where he’ll be quizzed about his far-leftism, the possibility that he might be, uh, indicted, and of course this week’s unpleasantness with Ron DeSantis. If you’re searching for a reason to watch, here’s one: If Gillum pulls off a win in November in a large, perennially crucial presidential swing state, he’ll land *immediately* on the Democrats’ 2020 VP shortlist. He might even take a shot at a presidential run, knowing that he’s well positioned to unite two key national liberal constituencies, the Bernie-fied left and Obama’s base of black voters. Democrats desperately need both factions to turn out against Trump next time. Most potential nominees might have difficulty with one group or the other (or both), but Gillum won’t. He’s a major national figure in the making — if he wins this fall.

And doesn’t get indicted, of course.

Elsewhere it’ll be more remembrances of John McCain, the Sunday shows’ favorite guest, by Senate friends and colleagues. His pals Lindsey Graham and Joe Lieberman will follow Gillum on “State of the Union,” Amy Klobuchar and Dan Sullivan will follow him on “Meet the Press,” and Dick Durbin will reminisce about him on “Fox News Sunday.” No doubt John Kerry, who’ll appear on “Face the Nation,” will have warm words for McCain too amid his teasing a 2020 run. The full line-up is at the AP.