Omarosa: Trump knew about the emails before Wikileaks released them

I think Seth Mandel speaks for all of us.

Watch the clip. This is core 2018 insofar as (a) it’s the single most explosive Russiagate accusation ever leveled at Trump, a strong suggestion of collusion coming from someone within his inner circle, and yet (b) because it’s Omarosa, because she’s trying to sell a book, because she and Trump are suddenly locked in a nasty feud, it’s completely unbelievable. Here’s the smoking gun that the president conspired with Russia during the election! Or, here’s a reality-show clown willing to say anything on TV to damage the reality-show host she worked for!

Katy Tur pressed her for specifics and naturally she offered none. (Although maybe she could have?) Simple question: If collusion occurred and Omarosa was in a position to know, would Trump ever, ever have let her walk away from the White House? It wouldn’t have mattered what John Kelly thought of her. If she had weapons-grade blackmail material she would have been kept on staff and given her run of the place.

For that matter, if Omarosa was in a position to end his presidency, would Trump be slamming her publicly as nastily as this?

Even his favorite cronies on Fox are urging him to dial it down:

It’s not clear in the clip which emails Omarosa’s referring to, although that’s more Tur’s fault than hers. Tur mentions the “Clinton emails” before bringing up Wikileaks but Wikileaks never revealed any of Hillary’s emails. The State Department did. It was the hacked DNC and Podesta material that was publicized through Wikileaks, which is what Tur probably has in mind and which Omarosa’s claiming Trump had advance knowledge of, but who knows? Either way, it should strike you as strange that this sensational allegation bearing directly on a momentous DOJ investigation of the White House wasn’t made until an MSNBC rando thought to bring it up several minutes into an interview about the book. If Omarosa knows something about collusion, why wasn’t this her first talking point in every media appearance she’s made?

Here’s Jon Karl gently inquiring with Sarah Sanders as to why President All The Best People would have ever hired someone he now describes as a lowlife dog.

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