Good lord: Peter Strzok's online fundraiser hits a quarter of a million dollars -- in less than 24 hours

He’s raking it in at a clip of $11,000+ per hour over the last 22 or so hours as I write this, but that number’s misleading since a bunch of those hours came overnight when far fewer people are online.

The daylight fundraising clip must be more on the order of $15,000 per hour, which would be 250 bucks a minute for shredding the public’s faith in the FBI by threatening to “stop” a presidential candidate he was investigating in order to impress his mistress. Out of curiosity, I set a timer for five minutes this morning at 10:31 ET, noting that he stood at $256,626 at that moment. When the timer went off, he was at $258,056. Which means my guesstimate lowballed him. He’s actually raising money at a rate of about $17,000 an hour right now.

Checking my notes here, I see that the amount raised for FBI agents who *didn’t* wreck the agency’s credibility by implying they might sabotage the electoral hopes of a suspect in a case they were working on is … nothing. Zero. Which seems fitting in America 2018: What incentive does one have to behave honorably apart from one’s own cuck-ish inborn sense of honor?

The Daily Caller notes that Strzok’s fundraising target, which began at $150,000, has already been increased by six figures not once but twice. It may be increased again before lunch. I wonder if he might hit an even million before the week is out, especially if lefty media like MSNBC starts aggressively promoting the fundraiser.

He’s “humbled,” needless to say:

If there’s a bright side here, it’s that every dollar wasted by Resistance dopes to make it rain on Strzok is a dollar that won’t go to Democrats this fall. Maybe we can convince him to launch a “Buy Me a Private Jet” GoFundMe in October. Exit question for legal eagles: Strzok’s fundraiser page says that the money will be put towards “legal costs” (as well as “lost income”), but how likely is it realistically that he’ll be charged with anything based on what we know now? There’s always a chance that the IG will produce evidence that Strzok did more than talk about sabotaging Trump and actually tampered with the Russiagate probe somehow, but absent that, what “legal costs” might he be forced to absorb? He probably has a lawyer to help him prepare for testimony and he may well file suit for wrongful termination by the FBI, but I think most donors read “legal costs” and imagine legal defense, which is how Andrew McCabe’s fundraiser was presented. Lefties with too much cash and too few brains may have convinced themselves that Jeff Sessions is about to throw Strzok in jail on Trump’s orders and he’ll need a crack team of Avenattis to get him off. They deserve to lose their money.

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