New RNC ad: "Unhinged"

“People don’t turn out to say thank you,” said Corey Lewandowski recently to the Times about how to get Republicans to the polls in November. “If you want to get people motivated, you’ve got to give them a reason to vote.” No one’s getting off the couch to reward POTUS and the GOP for their tax cut. But if you remind them that the left wants open borders and is increasingly inclined towards threats and harassment in pursuit of that?


Yeah, they might get off the couch for that.

This RNC ad is well done. I wonder, when does the DNC run its own rebuttal ad?

Police in Lexington had to cordon off the portion of the road in front of the Red Hen restaurant, where an estimated 75 protesters brought signs, waved flags, and chanted slogans on Tuesday.

One unidentified individual even hurled chicken feces toward the restaurant, which landed on the sidewalk…

A number of Trump supporters showed up carrying signs which read ‘Homos are full of demons’ and ‘Unless they repent Let God Burn them (LGBT) 2 Peter 2:6.’

Democrats don’t need to stoop to citing random Trump fans for their own ad. They can do a soundbite montage of, e.g., Trump nudging supporters at rallies two years ago to take a swing at protesters there, his “very fine people on both sides” claptrap after Charlottesville, etc. Rod Dreher, surveying the burgeoning radicalism on both sides, declares this to be America’s Weimar period. Among the activist classes, that’s probably true. Among the 95 percent of the country that pays little attention to the daily partisan sturm and drang? Nah.

The ad is more than just turnout fuel, though. Good point by Ross Douthat:

The central political problem for the Resistance, at the moment, is that they see the Trump administration as self-evidently authoritarian and perhaps even trending Nazi-ward, while much of the country dislikes Trump and opposes many of his policies but just doesn’t see that same scale of existential danger. In that environment, every time the headlines focus on something unusually bad the Trump administration is doing, the Resistance stands to gain. But it stands to lose, bigly, when it’s the people calling Trump a Nazi who seem to want a conflagration.


“Trump and his party are a dangerous force for chaos whom we can’t have in power” is a hard argument to make when you’re turning towards chaos yourself. “Trump versus the adults in the room” feels like a useful dynamic for Dems, “Trump versus Antifa” does not, particularly given how Trump brands himself as a law-and-order executive despite the disorder forever swirling around him. The more traction liberal misbehavior gets in the public consciousness, the less traction their criticisms of Trump should have.

“The left is unhinged” won’t be the only GOP campaign message this fall, incidentally. Another is that the left is unhinged *and* wants an unchecked flow of illegals even though some Americans are destined to be murdered or run down by them. The midterms are lit.

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