Ex-GOPer Steve Schmidt: The difference between us, Venezuela, and Cuba is that they don't have child internment camps

Via the Free Beacon, how do you say something like this and go on being taken seriously?

And yet the only reaction to his remark is Mika’s weary sigh.

Charles Cooke cut to the heart of the matter:

Not just political Twitter. Cable news too. Paradoxically, the more commentators intone about The Seriousness of The Moment, the more prone they are to exaggeration that makes it hard to take them seriously. An example from a few hours ago:

History won’t view a ban on travel from eight countries as the modern equivalent of interning Americans en masse, but Brownstein knows that. It’s a game, as Cooke says. The game is called “Crisis” and you win to the extent that your sense of despair at it outstrips others’. Opposing child separation is meh; demonstrating against it is better; saying that it places us at a moral disadvantage to the Maduro regime is an all-star performance. The spate of liberals demonstrating outside Trump aides’ homes, kicking staffers out of restaurants, and all the tedious Antifa-esque defenses of it online over the last few days are big point-scorers too. How much do you care? Enough to yank that cheese plate out of Sarah Sanders’s hand? Enough to write political spank material for leftists about how civility towards persons such as these is itself immoral? It’s a game.

And man, Steve Schmidt sure enjoys playing it. This quote feels especially gratuitous coming from him since he already racked up massive points in “Crisis” just last week. He quit the GOP in a public fit online, one of the surest ways to score big. Did he enjoy the attention from that so much that he needed to lunge for a “worse than Maduro” talking point? Is Scarborough still so far behind in the game after being penalized for promoting Trump endlessly in 2015 that he had to sit there this morning and let this pass without comment? Good lord. What stupid garbage.

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