Trump 2013: Great dealmakers don't openly celebrate a deal, especially when it's not complete

Hmmm, yes. Yes, I think he has a point. There’s great wisdom here.

Perhaps we can convince this sagacious gentleman to primary Trump.

I want to dump this tweet onto a mirror, divide it into lines, and snort it.

What inspired that 2013 pensee, you ask? Turns out it was … a preliminary nuclear deal between the U.S. and a rogue state:

Another good point. When you’re in the early stages of a long, delicate process with an enemy power involving the highest military stakes, the last thing you’d want to do is celebrate prematurely. Like, to take a hypothetical example, by declaring the North Korea nuclear threat over because you had a pleasant photo op with the country’s leader:

Citizen Trump was a hard-eyed realist about enemy machinations, President Trump sounds like he’s ready for champagne with Kim Jong Un in a jacuzzi.

Why did his views change? They didn’t! Not really. POTUS practices situational ethics based on what benefits him: As his circumstances change, so do the rules. In 2013 he was a vocal Obama critic, today he’s in charge of U.S. policy. Celebrating the Iran deal too early thus was bad whereas celebrating the North Korea deal too early is good. Perfectly consistent. I wondered in this post how Trump would have received McCain’s no vote on ObamaCare repeal if Maverick had been a vocal Trump admirer beforehand instead of a detractor, but you can apply the same logic to Trump’s 2013 comments about the Iran deal. If (bear with me here) Obama had said warm things about Trump early in his presidency, admitted that he enjoyed “The Apprentice,” cited Trump as an example of the American dream, etc etc etc, would Trump ever have gotten into Birtherism? Would he have crapped on the Iran deal or celebrated it as a major achievement?

Before you answer, recall that we actually do have a real-world example of POTUS treating a very prominent Democratic enemy radically differently a few years ago for no other reason than that she was nice to him. Anyway, if Kim flakes out on him, we already know how he’ll respond. He told us! For all the hype about Trump being unpredictable, there are rarely surprises in his reactions.