New ad: Colorado Democrat takes a stand against gun rights by ... pepper-spraying himself

Man, I hope this guy wins. Any tactic in politics that’s successful will eventually be emulated. You want to see the Democratic nominee in 2020 waterboarding him- or herself to prove a point? Then we need Levi Tillemann to come through in his Colorado House primary on June 26th.

Dopey stunts aren’t unusual in House primary ads — remember this one from last week? — but Tillemann’s may be the first one I’ve seen that should have been handled by an actual stuntman. You should know just by watching this that he’s an underdog, since stunt ads are invariably the province of underfunded candidates desperate to get their names out at the eleventh hour. Tillemann is up against veteran Jason Crow, who’s outraised him considerably and is considered the favorite for the Democratic nod in Colorado’s Sixth District. There’s a real prize waiting for the winner between them, a general election against GOP Rep. Mike Coffman, perennially one of the most vulnerable Republicans in the country. Emerge from the Democratic primary and you get a winnable race for a spot in the House of Representatives. How badly does Tillemann want it? Badly.

As for the policy he’s proposing, how do you get close enough to a school shooter to pepper-spray him in the eyes when he’s firing at you with an AR-15? Is Tillemann thinking of loading up super-soakers and posting them above classroom doors, just in case? It could work — until shooters figure out they should wear goggles during their sprees. Oh well, Onto Plan B.