Pelosi on Trump's "animals" comment: Doesn't he see the spark of divinity in all people?

Well, he says he sees it in unborn children, which puts him one up on pretty much every Democrat.

The RNC posted this clip with the caption “Nancy Pelosi Defends Violent MS-13 Gang Members In Response To Trump.” That’s half-true. Pelosi is very dishonestly pretending here that Trump referred yesterday to all illegals as “animals,” a lie which even his friends at CNN refuse to help spread. But the logic of her argument does support the RNC’s conclusion. We’re all God’s children, intones the pro-choicer. Well, then, so are the members of MS-13, rapes and decapitations notwithstanding.

Does Pelosi think … the president owes them an apology?

But wait. Her egregious abortion hypocrisy aside, she’s correctly stating the Christian view, is she not? All people are God’s children.

Even the worst sinners can repent and be forgiven. Just a few weeks ago, in fact, the NYT ran a piece describing how some members of MS-13 have mended their ways through faith:

Ernesto Deras cannot explain why he got up from his seat, approached the front of a church in the Panorama City neighborhood of Los Angeles, and started crying uncontrollably…

“I had been shot. I had had broken bones. I was in jail,” he told me this year, some two decades after he embraced God. But none of that had made him cry. “I felt like a man who didn’t have tears, but that day, something, something powerful happened.”

Other former gang members tell similar stories. The church — in particular the evangelical Pentecostal church — drew them into its fold and wrenched them, prayer service by prayer service, from the tenacious grip of the gangs. The gangs, in turn, respected this exit. Becoming an active member of a religious community remains virtually the only way someone can leave the notorious gang Mara Salvatrucha, better known as MS-13, alive.

The rank and file of MS-13 still remain somewhat human enough to let a member go forth in the name of God.

Fortunately for us atheists, there’s no inner conflict in thinking they’re animals anyway. Unfortunately for us, probably 90+ percent of atheists are leftists and are therefore crying over the insult to MS-13 anyway. Exit question one: Given that religious faith is being slowly drained out of the Democratic Party, who does Pelosi think she’s kidding here appealing to the “spark of divinity”? Does she think her base sees a spark of divinity in Donald Trump? Exit question two: Don’t *actual* animals contain a spark of the divine too? If Democrats want to run on a “your dog’s not going to heaven” platform, let’s have that fight.

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Jazz Shaw 8:31 AM on December 04, 2022