"You may shut the f*** up": Port Authority ethics commissioner quits after pulling rank on local cops

She’s a former Hillary fundraiser so I know we’re all surprised that she’d display a grandiose sense of entitlement. The best part is when she impresses upon the cops — more than once — that the car they pulled over happens to include grad students from MIT and Yale.

How dare they.

Trump should run the dashcam video as a populist campaign ad in 2020. It’s so irritating that the Port Authority, upon viewing it, has already decided to drain the swamp:

“The conduct was indefensible. The board takes its recently adopted Code of Ethics for commissioners extremely seriously and was preparing to form a special committee to review the findings of the Inspector General investigation and take action at this Thursday’s board meeting,” said spokesman Benjamin Branham. “Commissioner [Caren] Turner’s resignation was appropriate given her outrageous conduct.”

“Even before the announcement, Turner’s name and photo had already been removed from the Port Authority website,” noted NJ.com. That’s what hosing down a five-alarm PR fire looks like.

She spends most of the video’s eight minutes demanding to know why the cops stopped her daughter. We can’t tell you that, says PD. Your daughter’s an adult, therefore you have no right to know. Just ask her yourself. But Turner refuses, for seemingly no better reason than that she’s miffed that two nobodies from Tenafly, New Jersey would dare resist a Port Authority commissioner’s demands for information. As it turns out, the cops had pulled the car over because the front windows were tinted, which is illegal in New Jersey, and because the Nevada license plate was slightly obscured by a vanity frame that the dealer had placed over it. When they asked the driver for her license and registration, they discovered that the registration had expired. Turner could have found all of that out from her daughter and avoided a confrontation but she wanted the cops to respect her authori-tah. Now she’s lost her very impressive shiny gold Port Authority badge.

Exit question: Should the Port Authority should have let her slide on grounds that all public officials from New Jersey are dirtbags? It’s congenital. Can’t blame her for behaving as nature intended.