Comey: Why, yes, I could testify against Andrew McCabe

Are they going to televise this trial? I mean, they have to televise this trial.

Nah, I’m just kidding.

McCabe’s obviously not getting charged.

I know someone’s who pretty excited, though:

This isn’t the only Comey news today, as unlikely as that may seem. His memos about his meetings with Trump are now in Congress’s hands and soon may be in yours:

Former FBI Director James Comey’s memos about his interactions with President Donald Trump are “likely” to become public, a senior GOP source told CNN.

The Justice Department submitted the memos to Congress Thursday, a day after House Republicans prepared to subpoena the department to obtain the memos…

Comey was asked by CNN’s Jake Tapper in a Thursday interview whether it was appropriate for the Justice Department to share Comey’s memos with Congress.

“Fine by me,” Comey said.

Fine by Democrats too. Watching the congressional GOP twist Rod Rosenstein’s arm to cough up key evidence in an ongoing DOJ investigation is a nice precedent for the out-party to have. Someday when they’re back in power they’ll point to it to justify their own attempt to squeeze evidence out of the Justice Department for some perceived political advantage.

Rosenstein handed over the memos, I assume, because he suspected the GOP was trying to build a “neutral” case for firing him. If Trump cans him because he’s unhappy with the Russiagate probe and installs a crony to tie Mueller’s hands, that would reek of attempted obstruction of justice. If Trump fires him because Rosenstein refused to turn over the memos after a demand from Congress to see them, though, well, then it’s really Rosenstein who was obstructing something, wasn’t it? So Rosenstein handed them over and now the “neutral” case is gone. I sure hope the memos prove that Comey is guilty of leaking classified info, if only because it’d be nice to know that strong-arming Rosenstein for the documents at least resulted in evidence of criminality being exposed. Watch the two clips below, though (which, if nothing else, prove that the idea of Comey and Rosenstein being buddy-buddy is pure fiction). Comey doesn’t seem bothered in the slightest about Congress reading his work product. Not the hallmark of a man worried that he’s in legal jeopardy.

If I were him, I wouldn’t be too worried about this either. I’m cringing just thinking about it:

Republicans intend to send a staffer dressed in a lion’s costume to tail Comey on his upcoming book tour, aides said, trying to drive home their theme “Lyin’Comey” in local press coverage.

Exit question: Has he told any federal officials, as he told Tapper this afternoon, that he doesn’t hate Trump? Because I’m pretty sure he could be indicted for that.