"Black Jeopardy," starring Black Panther

A palate cleanser to begin the week in case you missed the clip elsewhere this weekend. Somewhere Eddie Murphy is kicking himself for not having returned to SNL to do this skit after “Coming to America” came out. You could have swapped in his Prince Akeem character here for T’Challa and lost nothing.

Funny as it is, this isn’t the best “Black Jeopardy” sketch the show’s done. Numero uno remains their acclaimed bit from a few weeks before the election in 2016 when Tom Hanks starred as a rural Trump supporter who turned out to be better at the game than anyone expected. That skit was a riff on class as stealth common ground between downscale whites and blacks amid the endless media din over racial differences. This sketch is the flip side of that. Instead of having the poor white guy prove adept at the game, they have the rich black guy prove hapless at it. It’s a goof on the contrast between black life in utopian Wakanda and in America. Low-hanging comic fruit, but delicious.

Leslie Jones has most of the best lines but Kenan Thompson always kills in these things because he gets the reaction shots. Well worth six minutes.