Hannity to CNN chief Jeff Zucker: You're about to be "scandal-plagued"

I hadn’t paid attention to this until Hannity floated the following tweet. He deleted it at some point this morning.

If you watch his show regularly, you already knew something that I hadn’t realized yet: He’s been referencing a forthcoming scandal about Zucker for days. A week ago, in attacking CNN for saturation coverage of Stormygate, he dropped this into the middle of his opening monologue.

It wasn’t just Stormygate coverage that ticked him off. He took exception to Zucker’s comments last week that Fox News has become “state-run TV,” a “pure propaganda machine.” A few days ago he warned Zucker again in his monologue:

“CNN, led by the very-soon-to-be-scandal-plagued king of porn Jeff Zucker,” the FOX host said at the top of his Wednesday broadcast.

“And, by the way, yeah, we know,” Hannity added.

What does Hannity know? What is the scandal? What is the “open secret” he talked about? When will the scandal be revealed?

Nothing says “definitely not state TV” like publicly threatening the head of a rival media company that’s trumpeting a scandal involving the head of state. But that doesn’t mean Hannity’s blowing smoke. I notice that some of his regular antagonists at CNN on Twitter, like Oliver Darcy and Brian Stelter, haven’t had much to say to or about him this past week even as he’s continually implied that their boss is about to be nuked. Stelter has jabbed at him twice in tweets, although neither had anything to do with Zucker. Darcy hasn’t mentioned either man. Huh.

Oh, by the way: Minutes after he tweeted about “soon to be really scandal-plagued Jeff Zucker,” he retweeted this.


Exit question: Why’d Hannity delete his Zucker tweet? If Fox News had a problem with insinuating things about Zucker, they would have stopped him from after he did it on the air the first time. They didn’t.