Laura Ingraham: Trump must veto this garbage omnibus spending bill; Update: Presser at 1 p.m. ET; Update: Signing; Update: "Never again"

I agree, vetoing this abomination would be a good idea.

You know what would have been a better idea? Making clear that the bill would be vetoed before Congress voted on it and began leaving town for their two-week break, with a shutdown looming. Republicans rubber-stamped the omnibus having been led by the White House to believe that Trump would sign it. If he had warned them sooner that that wasn’t happening, they could have passed a short-term CR to keep the government funded instead. And if Democrats had balked at that, at least they’d be at risk of being blamed for the shutdown. Instead, if Trump blows up a bill that’s already passed with bipartisan support, Schumer will have an easy time framing this as “the Trump shutdown.”

Here’s a small reminder, though, that not all Fox primetime hosts are created equal. Ingraham and Carlson will occasionally put policy pressure on POTUS, although with Carlson it’s usually immigration that’s the impetus.

Good points, but mortgaging the millennials’ future, i.e. going deeper into debt, isn’t Trump’s problem with the bill. He doesn’t hate it because it spends too much, he hates it because it doesn’t spend enough. He wants more money for the border wall. And … amnesty! He wants a deal on DREAMers. Those are his sticking points, not the fact that we’re adding another trillion in debt.

Ann Coulter noticed:

Didn’t the GOP win a messaging war with Democrats over a shutdown not long ago by reminding the public that Chuck Schumer was willing to turn off the lights on the federal government just to win amnesty for DREAMers? Now here’s Trump willing to turn off the lights to win amnesty for DREAMers. Huh.

The momentous question as of 12:40 p.m. ET: Is he serious about the veto or just venting before he caves?

“He is serious. Not a threat,” said one source close to the White House.

But others questioned whether Trump would move to reject a bill both chambers of Congress had already passed.

“I doubt he’ll kill it at the end of the day, but if the threat gets GOP leaders to move on other issues, it was worth every second of uncertainty,” said a second source close to the White House.

The word from Fox News is that Mattis was on the horn to Trump this morning warning him that a veto could “flatline defense,” probably the strongest argument that can be made to POTUS not to pull the trigger. I think he’ll sign it. But, Trump being Trump, his mind might change in the next 20 minutes and then change back five minutes after that:

Trump tweeted just minutes ago that there’ll be a news conference at the White House on the bill at 1 p.m. ET. Stand by for updates. In the meantime, lefties are theorizing that this comment by Pete Hegseth on Trump’s favorite show this morning might have tilted him against the bill. It’s not a crazy theory; Trump speaks to Hegseth occasionally and has allegedly considered him to head the VA. Eventually half of Fox News’s talent stable will be working in the White House. Right, John Bolton?

Update: David Martosko’s reading more into this than I would:

If we’ve learned nothing else over the last 10 days, it’s that Trump’s communications team has basically zero idea of his intentions at any given moment.

Update: The AP says it’s a go. Mattis wins.

Don’t forget, though: Up until the minute he made the announcement a few weeks ago that he was imposing steel and aluminum tariffs, White House staff were under the impression that they had talked him out of it. No one knows what will happen.

Update: He’s signing this garbage bill, but this’ll be the last garbage bill he signs.

Spoiler: He will, in fact, sign more garbage bills because that’s the only thing the congressional GOP are capable of producing.

He’s right about this being a “ridiculous situation,” though.

Update: Trump fans are taking the border-wall sellout in stride.

Update: Now Drudge is dunking on him. Veto? FAKE NEWS!

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David Strom 8:31 AM on October 02, 2022