Looks like Stormy Daniels might be ready to violate that restraining order

A picture, plus a few Twitter handles, is worth a thousand words. Michael Avenatti is Daniels’s lawyer, the man who filed the complaint in court a few days ago requesting a declaratory judgment that the hush-money agreement between her and Michael Cohen is unenforceable. You know who the other two people here are. And you sure know what “60 Minutes” is.

Let me remind you again what the penalty is for Daniels disclosing confidential information about Trump:

She wouldn’t owe him a million bucks total, she’d owe him a million bucks for each breach. Which raises the question, what constitutes a discrete breach? Is it each answer she gives in an interview revealing confidential information about Trump or is it each interview she gives?

Presumably Avenatti will do most of the talking but that won’t save Daniels. From the restraining order:

Not only can’t she have someone else disclose information about Trump on her behalf, she can’t even have them disclose that the arbitration process has begun — which Avenatti’s complaint has already done. Presumably he and Daniels believe that the restraining order will be held unenforceable because Michael Cohen technically had no right to seek one under the terms of the hush-money agreement. (The agreement gave Trump, not Cohen, the right to seek an injunction.) Either that or they’re gambling that Trump won’t try to claim damages from her since the bad publicity to him from pursuing that action would cost more than whatever he stands to recover from her in damages. She’s probably not worth millions, and even if she were, try to wrap your mind around the idea of a sitting president suing his porn-star former mistress for money she owes him after violating a NDA about their affair. That would never, ever, uh…

You know, Trump being Trump, there’s probably a 75-80 percent chance of that happening.

At least we’re done with new developments in Stormygate until the “60 Minutes” piece airs, though. Or are we?

Another woman named in the NDA? There are only four other people named there:

Mosny is her ex-husband, Munyan is a photographer, and Rodriguez is her manager. But who’s “Angel Ryan”? Aha:

Drake, also a porn star, accused Trump of offering her $10,000 for sex when she first met him. And when was that? It was at the American Century Celebrity Golf Championship at Lake Tahoe in July 2006 — the very same event at which he first met Daniels. Drake claims Trump invited her to his room but “I said I didn’t feel right going alone, so two other women came with me.” Was one of those women Daniels? We may never know … because Drake may be under a hush-money agreement of her own.

Exit question: Why didn’t Daniels list In Touch magazine as one of the entities with whom she shared confidential information about Trump? She spoke to them in 2011; she signed the NDA with Michael Cohen in October 2016. Did she forget that she had given the interview? What will Cohen do with the fact that she swore falsely under the agreement that those were the only four people with whom she had shared info?